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For individuals

Change of residence

Set up of the favorable environment

Monaco Global Services supports individuals and their families at each stage of the transfer of their residence both to Monaco and France.
As such, we intervene locally, but also abroad with your advisors or our correspondents, concerning the necessary formalities in the countries of departure and arrival, while advising you on the legal and fiscal impacts of the change of residence, as well as on the anticipation of these in the best environment.

Acquisition of real estate

Identification and set up of a tailor-made structure
Whether it is a secondary or primary residence, we provide our clients with various legal options to acquire it, identify the tax impacts relating to the chosen structure and help them in the day-to-day administration of the latter.
In addition, we are also involved in setting up the contracts related to property as well as in legal and tax compliance related to the direct or indirect ownership of real estate.


Our team is available to our customers to help them solve as soon as possible any problem of daily life they are facing locally and for which they wish to use our services.

Monaco Global Services
Multi Family Office

Monaco Global Services
Multi Family Office

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Real estate

One of our main missions consists of advising our clients during the acquisition and (re)structuring of their real estate assets. Our team provides ongoing support for the day-to-day operations, the administrative management of the property, as well as the related legal and tax advice.


Monaco Global Services accompanies its clients and advises them relating to administrative, legal and tax matters in Monaco and/or France.